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Avant Garde has carved out a niche in the types of jobs and services that seem to be the hardest to locate
expertise for. The biomedical equipment maintenance and repair is a savvy complement to our other
special operations. These services tend to round out the job requirements; in most instances this capability
negates the need to bring in other contractors.

• Large equipment rigging and handling

• Large and small autoclave removal and   disposal

• Utility impact studies – pre planning

• Sterility assurance testing

• Calibration services

• Ongoing training programs for new staff

• Autoclave hydrostatic pressure tests &   dipenitrant integrity tests

Autoclave Retrofits:

• Modern electronic controls & records keeping
• Chamber cleaning & conditioning
• Replacement of pipe and valves
• Reinsulation and cladding for chamber
• Door rebuilding

Cage Washer Retrofits:

• Modern electronic controls (GE or Allen Bradley)
• Re-leveling and shimming of washer
• Pipe and valve replacement
• Wash manifold drive renovation
• Steam coil descaling or replacement



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